_ga2 yearsAnalytical and persistent cookie, provided by Google Analytics. This coolies is used to distinguish users by means of a randomly generated number as an identifier, performing an analysis on user interactions, in order to offer services. Allows you to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for site analytics reports.
_ga_CDT8E2XDWK1 yearThis cookie is used by Google Analytics to store and count pageviews. You can use this data to update your cookie policy, screen services that set specific cookies or contribute to our effort in creating internet transparency.  Data passport: To see this, just click on the name of the service.
CONSENT2 yearsThis persistent cookie collects information about how the end user uses the web, as well as about advertisements that the end user has seen prior to visiting this web page. The domain from which it is sent is
YSCsessionThis cookie is used by YouTube to store and track interaction. The purpose is Marketing/Tracking.